About SG Next

SG Next is the leading technical conference for software developers in Mexico, focusing on the best technologies and practices for creating advanced software solutions.

Date and Location

It will be held on August 30th-31st, 2016 in Mexico City at Crowne Plaza Hotel World Trade Center.


It is planned for an expected audience of 350 attendees in sessions plus another 300 people in the exhibition. These numbers are estimated on results of previous years. The audience mainly consists of software engineers, software project leaders and tech leads (CTOs).


SG Next focuses on the evolution of software development, which pushes software professionals to learn new client types (IoT, VR, Bots) powered by cloud-native architectures using a DevOps approach. Among the specific topics that we plan to include are:

  • IoT platforms (overview and hands-on labs).
  • Smart agents/bots (getting started).
  • Application of VR & holographic computing in the enterprise.
  • DevOps (strategy & culture).
  • Continuous delivery (tools & practices).
  • Infrastructure as code (containers, unikernels, orchestration).
  • Automated testing & application analytics.


About the Organizers and Previous SG Conferences

SG Next is the reboot of SG Conference & Expo, which for 10 years was the leading technical conference for software developers in Latin America.

SG Next is organized by Software Guru, the leading media in Latin America for software professionals. Since 2006, SG has been organizing the most prestigious conferences for software professionals in Latin America. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP and Oracle are recurrent sponsors for our conferences. Previous speakers at our conferences include Alistair Cockburn, Scott Hanselman, Scott Ambler, Tim Lister, Molly Holzschlag, Venkat Subramaniam, Ash Maurya, Danese Cooper, Gavin King, Chris Richardson, Josh Long, among others.