SG Virtual is a free online conference for software developers

SG Virtual is a one day conference for software developers. There are 21 sessions that run through 3 simultaneous tracks and more than 6,000 people participate.

It is mainly targeted to developers in Latin America since most of the talks are in spanish, however we also welcome talks in english.

SG Virtual is organized by Software Guru Media. It is done twice a year and we have been doing it since 2011.

The next edition of SG Virtual will take place on May 24th, 20017.

We have two type of talks:

  • Community: Come from a call for papers. No branding is allowed and they cannot focus on products/services with commercial offering (if you want to talk about your company's product/tool you need to do it through a sponsored talk).
  • Sponsored: Allow branding and focusing on products/offering from specific companies. Database of registered attendees (those who accepted who share info) is provided.

If you are interested in participating and need additional information in english, please contact