How to Break the Software Rewrite Cycle

Presentado en SG Virtual 2015H1

Whether it's Agile or Waterfall, RUP or XP, the software story hasn't really changed.  We start out with the best of intentions, trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  We make a commitment to do things "the right way" this time.

Fast-forward to several years later, and we're sitting around a conference table discussing what went wrong. How did we accumulate so much technical debt? Should we rewrite the component? Scrap the entire system and start over? Or just deal with the problems and try to keep on going?

Despite our best efforts with Agile best practices, we get stuck in the software rewrite cycle. 

Our software problems are a reflection of our decision-making habits. To break the rewrite cycle, we have to fundamentally change the way we make decisions.  With invisible problems and business pressure that never lets up, we start over, but keep repeating the same mistakes. 

So how do we break the software rewrite cycle? 

Idea Flow Learning Framework is a strategy for improving software predictability by systematically reducing friction in developer experience.  By quantifying the impact of disruptions, test maintenance, confusing code, and collaboration problems, we can find our biggest problems, understand the causes, and align our development priorities with leadership. 

Idea Flow Learning Framework includes three sub-frameworks to support the three major steps of improvement:

  1. Make your Problems Visible  (Idea Flow Mapping Framework)
  2. Understand the Problems -- (Idea Flow Modeling Framework)
  3. Change your Decision Habits -- (Stop and Think Framework)

Come see how to apply the Idea Flow Learning Framework to your project and finally break the software rewrite cycle.