How thick data can improve big data analysis for business: A perspective from semiotic and anthropology

Dec-2. 13:30 (CDMX, GMT-5)

In this presentation I will talk about how can Thick Data Analysis, specifically anthropological and semiotic analysis, can help to improve the results of Big Data for business under very competitive contexts. In order to obtain this goal I will discuss three business case studies: Netflix, Nokia and Bank du Nord. I will complement this with a revision of recent academic literature about the relation among Big Data and Thick Data.

Thick Data Analysis consist on qualitative information which give a deeper inmersion on consumer behaviors and beliefs, complementing the information obtain by the Big Data analysis. In some cases, Thick Data can resolve problems, which Big Data had not yet identify.

Semiotic is the discipline which study the signs and the meaning and communication processes since a cultural perspective. On the other hand Anthropology study the human cultures since the perspective of the difference and multiculturality, using qualitative techniques as ethnography which permit a deeper understanding of collective human behavior. This two disciplines help Data Analysis in order to a better understanding of the consumers changing behaviors and beliefs.