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Applying SRE principles to Administration of No-Relational Databases, the encounter of two worlds.Carlos Monroy Nieblas
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Grafana my loveAndres Tello
How Time & Space Complexity impacts your InfrastructureEdwin Moedano
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Incident Management - Talk the Talk, Walk the WalkHila Fish
Instana on InstanaJosh Lee
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Kubernetes Test Automation: The Power of a Unified Testing ApproachAlejandra Thomas
Open-Source: Open Choice - A DevOps Guide for OSS AdoptionHila Fish
Permit with Sense, Deny with AwarenessGabriel Manor
Personal Branding & Job Search - The Most Practical Approach You’ll Ever FindHila Fish
Retos de SysOps a SREPaul Torres
SLAs, SLOs, SLIs and Error Budgets The fundamentals of SRE customer experience and customer relations, and the wisdom of the production environment extracted through SRE practicesChelsea Hinds-Charles
SRE en entornos multinubeJosé Luis Chiquete Valdivieso
SREs? Don’t you mean SWE? Exploring the swiss army knife role, Site Reliability Engineers, within the software development lifecycle, focusing on the “ilities” of your production environmentChelsea Hinds-Charles
Technical Documentation - How Can I Write Them Better and Why Should I Care?Hila Fish
Terraform Practices to Enable Infrastructure ScalingHila Fish
The Importance of the Graph to ObservabilityJosh Lee
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Values in Tech - Just a Buzzword or an Action-Item?Hila Fish
Who else should be SRE’ing? Discovering the importance and integration of Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) within SREChelsea Hinds-Charles
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Workshop: Application Security, securing customer dataEyi
Workshop: Automatización de la Operación de Amazon AWS con Boto3David Sol
Workshop: Introduction to AnsibleCarlos Monroy Nieblas
Workshop: Observabilidad en la plataforma GCPJosé Luis Chiquete Valdivieso
Workshop: The Art of Designing Systems with SRE NALSDYury Niño Roa
Workshop: Vulnerabilities Scanning with Github ActionsEnrique Cuevas