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Airflow Summit 2020

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The first Apache Airflow Summit is here!

Airflow Summit 2020 is an online conference for the worldwide community of Apache Airflow users and contributors.


This will be an online conference held from July 6 to July 17, 2020. It will consist of keynotes, community talks from the call for papers, and in-depth workshops.

Call For Papers

If you would like to share your experience with other Airflow community members please consider participating in the Call-For-Papers. We are planning to have talks about best practices and roadmap, use cases, and About Airflow Community, but all other talks are mostly welcome!


Besides talks, we plan on having in-depth workshops for people with little prior knowledge of Airflow to get comfortable writing and debugging their own DAGs. This includes an introduction into the Airflow ecosystem and learning the best practices for writing DAGs. The target audience is Data {Engineers, Scientists, Analysts} with knowledge of Python and eager to dive into Airflow to automate their data pipelines. We will also have workshops for people interested in contributing with code and/or documentation to Apache Airflow.

More info: https://airflowsummit.org/