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The Data Pub Abril

En una época de información simétrica, todos podemos aprender de todo, pero es importante saber las dificultades, y la experiencia de otros que han cursado el mismo camino.

Acerca del conferencista

My name is Will Wolf from Philadelphia, USA. I currently work as a Machine Learning Engineer at ASAPP, Inc., building artificial-intelligence products for enterprise. Previously, I completed an open-source "masters" in machine learning in Casablanca, Morocco, and worked as a Data Scientist at ShopKeep in New York City. I'm passionate about mathematics, cycling, language and travel.

I studied Industrial Engineering and Mathematics at Penn State University. There, I played ice hockey, enjoyed math classes more than most, and spent two years writing an Honors thesis on game theory and group dynamics with Dr. Eli Byrne. I graduated in December 2011.