Enabling eCommerce Digital Transformation Through Technology



In this session, Tacit Knowledge will share their knowledge and experience working with industry leading brands & retailers like NIKE, Converse, Mulberry & MoetHennessy and how they embarked on their digital transformation journey. The transformation not only spans digital & physical commerce but also looks at the respective business problems that were solved by leveraging cutting edge technology like:

  • Evaluating different deployment methods in private, public clouds and on-premise environment.
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to power Customer Segmentation for Marketers.
  • Integrating Continuous Integration and Continues Deployment Efforts & DevOps to react to changing demands and scale applications quickly.
  • Featuring deep analytics & data visualization tools to surface meaningful & actionable data & insights to C-Level executives.
  • Looking at digital touchpoints and engagement menthods of users driving product recommendations and creating meaningful relationships for retailers.

Tacit Knowledge is a digital consultancy with roots in Silicon Valley. We specialize in creating immersive eCommerce sites for brands, with technology becoming an enabler, rather than an inhibitor. Founded on the premise that talent and experience are key factors in project success, our approach has been to build a global team of highly vetted technologists that specialise in ecommerce & retail.

Acerca del conferencista

Michael Scholz leads Tacit’s global product & services practice. Michael has over 12 years of experience in Product & Software Development in a variety of industries, predominantly leading digital transformations in eCommerce & retail.