José Ángel Arias

With over 30 years of experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur, I have founded and led several business consulting and IT services companies, as well as served as executive in global corporations. As one of the founding directors of Softtek, I helped the company grow from the startup phase into global expansion, leading several business units and leading the first office outside Mexico. As founder and President of Grupo Consult, I helped several corporations in the banking, pensions, insurance, retailing and public sectors in LATAM. Europe, USA, China and Mexico to perform key business transformation initiatives. Back in Softtek as Global Head of Innovation, I helped the company enter the Could and Big Data tech spaces, deploying industry solutions as a service and helping close large multi-year deals. As Regional Director with Citi, I led the assurance activities for all tehcnology projects and applications across Mexico and LATAM; as well as leading the review of SDLC globally.