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Kevin Cussen

Kevin Cussen is the Product Lead for the LiteFarm project. He’s held an odd collection of roles throughout his career, from Peace Corps volunteer, to software engineer, to founder and CEO of a West African biogas-as-a-service company. For the last six years, he’s worked in various product management roles at a mix of private, public, and non-profit entities, including leading roles on two open source projects - OpenLMIS and LiteFarm. Kevin has an MBA from the University of Washington and BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. In his spare time, Kevin likes spending time with his family, reading about history and economic theory, and long distance backpacking trips.

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LiteFarm is a free and open source farm management tool made for current and aspiring sustainable farmers. LiteFarm is developed in cooperation with a team of farmers, scientists, and software professionals at the University of British Columbia as well as contributors such as yourself. This presentation will focus briefly on the sustainable agriculture sector and how the LiteFarm community is leveraging the strengths of open source to positively impact as many farmers as possible.