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Miguel Angel Nuñez Ochoa

I'm a biomedical engineer, neuroscience PhD candidate specialized in data, image, and signal analysis, with experience in data science: statistical analysis, machine learning, deep learning and big data.

Throughout my professional career I have been dedicated to managing and analyzing complex data to generate solutions, applications and useful decision making conclusions, with tools such as Python, R and Matlab.

My workplace at multidisciplinary teams, is related to the person they call when there is data and they want answers. At this moment I am studying a PhD in neuroscience and a Micromaster credential in statistics and data science, as a challenge to handle complicated data such as noisy EEG in order to generate information that can help people with epilepsy and seizures and in the other hand to be able to delve more deeply into the mathematical abstractions of biological processes that have given rise to artificial intelligence.

However finished my research stage, I will look for a full time data scientist work.

Neuroscience-Inspired AI



Meetup Junio 2019

El estudio del cerebro de humanos y animales ha resultado en algoritmos y heurísticas aplicadas a numerosos modelos, desde optimización, búsqueda y, más recientemente, redes neuronales.

Nuestro speaker es Miguel Núñez Ochoa, de la UdeG.
Este meetup lo hacemos en colaboración con el DataLab Community de GDL, una de nuestras comunidades hermanas.