DataStax Developer Workshop: Machine Learning with Apache Spark & Cassandra


Machine learning is the secret behind the neural networks that Netflix and Spotify use to surface recommendations, and the underlying technology behind Siri’s voice recognition. It’s changing the world at a rate none of us could have expected. It’s not just a buzzword, but it’s a powerful technology that developers and IT leaders need to begin to understand now to be better prepared for the future.

In this workshop you will discover the goals and approaches of machine learning, and will write your very own machine learning code using Python, Cassandra, and Spark.

What we will cover

  • Getting started with Apache Cassandra™ and understanding use cases that fit this tool
  • Understanding analytics with Apache Spark™
  • Machine learning with Apache Cassandra™

All attendees will receive a FREE Cassandra Certification voucher, valued at $375.


  1. Register for an account with DataStax Astra  (use the same email with which you registered for the workshop)
  2. Install Git
  3. Install Docker
  4. Install Docker-Compose
  5. Clone this GitHub repository with the lab material.
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