James Colvin

James Colvin has been working in technology architecture and consulting since 2009. He has experience in both the sales and project implementation lifecycles and has worked with many of the top Fortune 500 companies. James started as a Consultant with DataStax in late 2017 with the Professional Services department where he worked with some of the largest accounts. He now holds a Data Architect position where he works with our enterprises to plan projects and discover value with our technology. From architecture and capacity planning, to load testing and validation, to application development optimization, and automation, James is passionate about helping users and enterprises succeed with Cassandra and DataStax.

DataStax Developer Workshop: Machine Learning with Apache Spark & Cassandra


Machine learning is the secret behind the neural networks that Netflix and Spotify use to surface recommendations, and the underlying technology behind Siri’s voice recognition. It’s changing the world at a rate none of us could have expected. It’s not just a buzzword, but it’s a powerful technology that developers and IT leaders need to begin to understand now to be better prepared for the future.