Lightning talk: Business analyst role as agile villain in legacy projects


In all Agile teams-based projects, there is always a role that does not fit well, because of the personality of the person performing the role or even the role itself allows it. This means that the person wearing this role is not following all the agile ceremonies, mixing other tools and techniques from other methodologies, such as Design thinking and waterfall, or just performing tasks that are part of the Project Manager, testers or even development team.

The main objective of this work is to present how the role of the business analyst, even with its tasks and responsibilities well clear, needs to be modified caused of the needs of a legacy project, this because the project was initially developed under another framework, other team members and with requirement that probably does not exist anymore so this drives the main question for this – How could a business analyst perform his role using agile as a framework in a big legacy project?. Under this context, the business analyst and the project itself are victims of the situation.

There is not certain answer to the question presented but there are ways to perform the role and the job the best way possible, this through a process of learning other methodologies, frameworks, working with the team, the most experienced members, key stakeholders, product owner and the project manager.

Performing the business analyst role is to take a bigger responsibility as it seems and speaking of legacy projects, new requirements or new projects align to the current could be hard but adapting more tools, ways of documentation and get assistance from other role’s responsibility can be the solution to adapt the role the best way possible and there will always be, with the evolution of the frameworks, a way to improve it.

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