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Dinorah Tovar

Dinorah is Mobile Engineer and Tech Advocate at Konfio, named the number one startup to work by LinkedIn in Mexico, In the past, she led the mobile engineering teams of Lonely Planet and the Boston Consulting Group. She’s also a speaker in many tech conferences for the community, like Women Who Code, Droidcon, and Kotlin Everywhere, who is passionate about developers, android, and diversity in tech.

Ignite - Software Development in times of Burnout · A brief story


Software world does not work like all the outside world, we have rituals like our 30-minute morning routines of reading TechCrunch, TNW, Wired, Gizmodo, Mashable, we have crazy work hours and tons of burnout. In modern times we try to fulfill some pragmatic ideas of what we should do as Software engineers, how fast we should address one bug, how fast we need to learn a new skill, how fast we need to deliver the next cool feature that will die in one month.